Story Telling Putri Salju Bersama Kurcaci

Story telling adalah salah satu materi yang diberikan pada pelajaran bahasa Inggris. Ada banyak sekali manfaat dari story telling, misalnya melatih kemampuan anak menghapalkan kosakata bahasa Inggris, mengucapkan kata dalam bahasa Inggris, berani berbicara di depan umum, dan melatih kreativitas. Judul dongeng yang bisa dijadikan sebagai bahan untuk story telling anak adalah story telling Putri Salju bersama Kurcaci.

Contoh Story Telling Tentang Putri Salju

Once upon a time, there queen who live at the palace. The queen is the prettiest women of the world and she very proud because her beauty. The queen have a magicaly mirror which can answer every questions.

Every morning she stand out to face the mirror, she always ask to the mirror who the prettiest women in the world. And the mirror will always answer “You my queen, you’re the prettiest women of the world. Because that queen always arogant because she have a nice face.

But, the story change after there was a princess who born with beautiful face and beautiful skin. Because her skin so smooth and white, she have a name Snow White. Time by time pass away and she already become a beautiful girl, she already grow up now.

One day, the queen ask again to the mirror about who the most prettiest girl in the world. But, answered from mirror now be change. The mirror said the prettiest girl in the world now is Putri Salju. Because of that the queen so angry, very very angry because her beauty not the best in the world. There a girl who more attractive and beautiful than her.

Because she don’t want lose from Putri Salju, she always try to killed her. Until Putri Salju must be hide from queen. But that not forever, queen can find Putri Salju on jungle because she stay there with seven dwarfs. The seven dwarfs always help Snow White. But queen always try again to kill her but this time failed too. At the end of story can safe from the queen. She married with prince and happy forever.

Itulah contoh story telling Putri Salju bersama Kurcaci.

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